Winter in Shitlakhet

Winter in Shitlakhet

To Shitlakhet

Winters in Shitlakhet and the villages around are fresh and almost everyone acknowledges their importance. Winters are the time when glaciers have more snow leading to more water in the underground streams that supply the village and the region around. Winter is also a time to start sowing the wheat for a good summer crop. The winter sun is also extremely useful as the strong sun helps dry food better. The cold of the winter also helps preserve food longer.

However, steps have to be taken to ensure that one is fortified during the winter as well. This is the time you would see women carrying large dry bundles of grass to be used as animal feed during the cold. You will also see people covering the inside walls with a new layer of mud. The dried mud and cowdung mixture, along with parts of the Pine bark underneath, keep the walls at least 2 degrees warmer than ambient.

Winter is also the time of some very good Kumaoni food. Having Pulao with Sana hui Nimboo in the December sun while looking out at the white peaks, has to be one of life’s great experiences.

The winter harvest is exquisite. From protein-rich Horse Gram and Black Bean to nutritious Ragi Millets to Fresh greens and Yellow Pumpkins, winters make for a whole new menu.

Things to look forward to

  • Heaters
  • Electric Blankets
  • Soups and Hot Chocolate
  • Long walks
  • The winter sun

My boyfriend and I visited Nayalap for my birthday trip this November and had the best experience ever. From gorgeous views, tastiest meals, most friendly and helpful hosts, super comfortable luxury tents – you will get it all.

Sunakshi, Nov 2021

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