A short walk through Ranikhet

A short walk through Ranikhet

Departing City: Ranikhet

Duration: 3hrs

Ranikhet – a 19th Century cantonment town has come a long way. Today, it is a huge Indian cantonment with the Kumaon regiment and is a base for many military exercises. This walk will take you through buildings of that era – including churches and old colonial bungalows and the hilly forests that called the British back.

While the history of the town goes back to the 16th Century, there isn’t much left from the area. The walk will start from one of the old churches of the region and we will be seeing 4 of them. 2 are converted into wool workshops for war widows, one is a relic and one remains functional. We will also be visiting some of the old grant bungalows and stepping in for tea in one of them.

So visit a different side of this cantonment town. It is a side that you would have been reading. But few would have guided you past this. The essence of Ranikhet is truly captured in this walk.

The walk includes the services of an expert on the town and refreshments at a colonial establishment. To reserve your walk, you can fill out the following form. The total number of slots in a day is 12. Please let us know a day in advance if you’d like to book this walk. Due to Covid-19, distancing will have to be maintained. Please carry your own sanitiser and masks as well.

These facets are interspersed with lush forests and the walk would be a great way to stretch your legs after being cramped in the car for long. Ranikhet is more than viewpoints and sunset points and you can explore all of that through this walk.

The total cost is Rs. 1,000 per person. Please ensure you arrange your own transportation as start and end points are different. If you’d like to do a longer hike, you can always embark on our hike from Ranikhet to Shitlakhet. For other experiences, you can have a look at our experiences shop.

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Book your Ranikhet walk. The walk includes the services of a great English/ Hindi speaking expert and a 2-3hr walk. There might be some surprises as well. So book quickly. Same day bookings are not accepted. The number of units is the minimum number of participants in the walk.