Keeping Nayalap wild

Keeping Nayalap wild

While I write this, it has been more than 6 years since Nayalap was started. During this time, there have been those who have loved staying in the middle of the forest. There have been others who have asked us about keeping in wild. Many would have preferred manicured lawns. Many asked us to strictly keep it as it is.

There are some things which the wild brings out that a cultivated garden just simply can’t. A wild lanscape attracts wildlife. When the oak fruits, the trees are conquered by millions of parakeets. To see them come in day in and day out to harvest the oak nut is a sight in itself. Once the parakeets are gone, black headed jays arrive for the remaining. On cold winter mornings, Khalij Pheasants gingerly move around on the ground. A Blue Whistling Thrush has made the place her home. In the morning she whistles to wake everyone up while the rest of the day is spent housekeeping at Nayalap.

Imagine if we hadn’t left this place wild, all this wouldn’t have happened. If the oak trees were lopped for better views, if the ground was cleared of nuts and leaves, if there weren’t any wild buds, all this would have gone.

We are thus trying to go to great lengths to keep the land in the same way. None of the trees at Nayalap are cut. We are using Solar ground Lights so there isn’t any sound pollution to disturb the birds. Species are noted and we try to ensure their key moments aren’t disturbed. The ground is also let be with minimal ploughing so that it fertilizes the way a forest does. The tents are also spaced apart to ensure that they don’t take up the maximum space.

After all, if there’s a forest, then why not leave it that way?


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