The road to being a potter

The road to being a potter

I am an artist who has been working with mediums like pen & ink, watercolor and acrylics, and mixed media. In 2002 I completed an Art Appreciation course under Dr. Alka Pande. And in 2016 I started working with clay. It’s been an amazing journey from 2D to 3D medium. I have been trained in various glazing techniques under Rachna Parasher. I have learned Anagama firing and Raku firing techniques. I have attended masterclasses and workshops with various artists like Alberto Bustos, Rekha Bajpe Agarwal, and others. I work from my home studio in Noida. I conduct experiential workshops for anyone who wants to explore the medium of clay. I will be conducting the 2023 Pottery retreat at Nayalap.

The field of ceramics is immense and there is so much to explore. Sometimes I feel one lifetime is also not enough to learn everything. It’s an ongoing journey and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

The upcoming pottery workshop at Nayalap in the month of April 2023 is for anyone who is keen on a hands-on experience with clay. We’ll start with one of the most ancient techniques called pinching. Participants will learn to make their own handbuilt pots and learn to add texture to them. Pinching is probably the earliest method used by humans to shape clay because it is an instinctive way of handling the material. This is demonstrated in ancient examples of ritualistic vessels, figurines, and animal forms. Pinching is usually the first technique taught to beginners to help them develop a feel for clay.

On the second day of the workshop participants will be taught the coiling technique. They will learn this very interesting technique to make coiled trinket trays, pots, and bowls. Coiling is perhaps the most versatile of the hand-building techniques because it allows the potter to build forms of any size and scale, unlike other methods, which have their limitations. It is also a technique that can be used to produce a range of work, from vessels to sculptural or even architectural forms. Coiling is a relatively slow and contemplative method of hand-building.

On the third day of the workshop participants will be making handbuilt tiles using the slabbing technique. They will be taught bas-relief work on the tile. They can take inspiration from nature and do a free-hand design or an abstract. Slabbing is a versatile technique, allowing the potter to build forms from either soft or hard clay. Historically, slabbing was widely used to make tableware, boxes, sarcophagi and roof tiles, and other architectural features. The tiles that adorn the walls and floors of many ancient buildings were made by this method, and tiled surfaces are just as popular today.
This will bring us to the end of the last day of the workshop.

Each participant will be provided with terracotta clay, tool kits, rags, aprons, bowls for water, and board/cloth to make their pieces on.

All pieces will be fired when completely dry and can be collected from Wildfern Pottery Studio, Noida or dunzoed/ couriered to your address. You’ll be creating something of your own at this 2023 Pottery Retreat.


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