Spring at Nayalap

Spring at Nayalap

mustard flowers in spring

India has two major seasons with a week of autumn and spring in between. It’s only in the Himalayas and especially around this region of Shitlakhet and Salla Rautela that you get to see the beauty of spring. As winters recede, the days become warmer and you need to wear fewer layers. The first of the crickets can be heard in the evenings, the swallows can be seen in the mornings, the nightjars make the nights come alive.

This is also the time when the trees start waking up. The acacia starts first with carpets of yellow flowers all over the trees. The Rhododendron comes next with bright red flowers peeking through the dense forest. You’ll see the apricot and peach orchards starting to bloom next – turning the fields white and pink. The odd Garmahal also starts to bloom then.

When you visit Nayalap this spring, Holi isn’t the only high point. Spring is the perfect time for forest walks and to relax in the middle of nature. The harsh winters are over – but have given way to a very colourful spring. To book your stay this season, click here.

Nayalap is not just a stay, it is an experience. I’m not a mountain person and I hate the cold. But this place has made me fall in love with the whole mountain life and vibe.

Disha, Feb 2022

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