Walk through historical thoroughfare from Ranikhet to Sitlakhet

Our half-day hike from Ranikhet to Sitlakhet will start from Chowbatia top in Ranikhet. Chowbatia offers scenic views of the Himalayas in winters and beautiful mountain vistas round the year. The initial part of the hike is downhill through pine forests, dotted with small hamlets with traditional Kumaoni houses, going all the way down to a stream. Interact with the villagers, school kids and shepherds on the way while enjoying the fresh air, serene nature, whispering of pines and the songs of the birds. We will be spending some time by the stream relaxing and enjoying the sounds of nature, spotting the exotic birds and regaining our energy with light refreshments.

After crossing the stream we will begin a steep 2 hours climb through oak and pine forest to Kharkia village. The climb ends here, we will stop here for tea at a village house before continuing the last stretch of our walk to Sitlakhet. The last stretch is an easy walk to a beautiful campsite located in the canopy of Oak forest where you will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff. Refresh yourself and enjoy the welcome drink and relish some freshly prepared hot lunch at the camp. After lunch drive through the scenic village road, back to Ranikhet.

I’ve personally loved travelling around this route and the way it has been used by nearby villages to reach Ranikhet before cars and roads came in. Many locals still use this route as a great and healthy shortcut travelling out in the morning and returning in the evening.

It is interesting to see how a regular thoroughfare especially one that ultimately fed the lines to the Great Tibetan Salt Routes is now a beautiful forested path used by very few.

The route eventually connects to Almora. But we will not be doing the entire stretch. We will be ending with a local lunch in the meadows near Sitlakhet.