Pottery and Outdoor Cooking Retreat in the Himalayas: 26-29 Oct

The beautiful surroundings of Nayalap are perfect for a relaxing pottery and culinary retreat in the outdoors. Use your holiday to learn something new in the middle of the mountains. A pottery and culinary retreat is perfect for this. To book this retreat for groups of 6 or more, connect with us on home@nayalap.com

Detailed Itinerary on the Retreat

26 Oct3-4pm: Check-in at Nayalap, freshen up and lunch at Nayalap
4-6pm: Stretch your legs. Go for a walk to the village
6-8pm: Briefing on pottery, the village and food over bonfire
8pm: Dinner and rest
27 Oct9-10am: Breakfast
10am-1pm: Learn pinching and coiling
Pinching: You will learn this most ancient technique in pottery. Participants will make their own hand-built pots and learn to add texture to it.
Coiling: You will learn this very interesting technique to make coiled trinket trays, pots, bowls.
1-2pm: Lunch
2-4pm: Practice your work
4-6pm: Sunset hike
6pm-8pm: Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza-Making Workshop
Learn how to make authentic artisan Pizza. Discover the art of baking pizza in a wood-fired oven using healthy ingredients. The chef will guide you through each step of pizza making, create & stretch your dough and your imagination.
8pm: Dinner and rest
28 Oct9-10am: Breakfast
10am-1pm: Learn throwing and tilework
Tile work: You will be taught bas-relief work. You can take inspiration from nature and do a free hand design or an abstract.
1-2pm: Lunch
2-3pm: Practice your work
3-6pm: Forest and meadow walk
6pm-8pm: Outdoor Pita Bread & Barbeque Workshop
Experience the aromatic spices of kebabs stuffed into fluffy flatbreads. The chef will walk you through the recipe and cook along with you. By the end of this lesson, we will be able to bake flatbread and barbeque kabab of our choice. The chef will also serve accompaniments like creamy sauce and crunchy salads.
8pm: Dinner and rest
29 Oct9am: Checkout


  • Stay at Nayalap on a double sharing basis for 3 nights.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for 3 nights.
  • Each participant will be provided with terracotta clay, tool kits, rags, aprons, bowls for water, and board/cloth to make their pieces on.


  • Transportation
  • Meals other than those mentioned
  • Snacks, tea, or coffee

Your Mentors


An independent artist and potter, Manisha has worked with and learned from Rameshwar Broota, Dr. Alka Pande, Rachna Parasher, and Alberto Bustos.

Skilled in glazing and Anagama, she has been conducting pottery workshops and designing her own pieces for over 7 years under the umbrella of Wildfern Pottery Studio. She is also a practicing contemporary artist for over 20 years.


Sahaniya has been at the forefront of making healthy baking a part of daily life for many years now. Sparrows At Home Cafe, with its unique range of healthy and tasteful offerings, is a testament to her commitment. In her first-ever outdoor boot camp series, Sahaniya opens the doors of her “by-the-mountain” kitchen to handhold you to bake your favorite healthy recipes in simple yet elegant ways.

Sahaniya, Partner at Sparrows at Home, will be leading the outdoor cooking workshop at Nayalap, Shitlakhet

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