One of the villages Nayalap is working out of

Nayalap has been a deliberation of over 5 years. We had been working in tourism for over 7 years each and in combination, both of us had travelled around the world. Through our travels, we realised how important it was to create a culture and how fragile this preservation really was. This was mixed in with something in the back of our mind – to work where our home was. We decided to work on rural living and promote the idea of living in a village. We wanted to help people experience that and go back feeling refreshed.

Over the years we looked at various advantages and disadvantages of rural living. We dreamt of buying mountains and creating some sort of co-working space where people could come and stay and work and use as a retreat. That dream lives on. But we need to build our capacities for that.

We also realised that a village as a unit has immense potential and all forms of industry could be built with the sustainability of the village being the main goal. There was so much. But where to start. After some light pondering we realised that we should start with what we are good at – tourism.

When we started exploring various villages, we realised that the opposite had happened. With the absence of opportunities and facilities, people had locked up their houses and left for the cities. The money was more in bigger cities like Dehradun, Haldwani and Delhi and essential services like healthcare and education were more easily available.

While it would be pompous to presume that we can change the tide, we’d like to try something out. Nayalap’s first plan is to create stays where guests tired of the city life can come and breathe. Guests can feel the luxury of space, of being able to go out anywhere, of not hearing the incessant honking and irritation that cities cause.

Hopefully, as we move on, we will be providing more local income – and eventually, facilitate the arrival of essential services. We welcome you to this little corner of the world.


Tanuja & Anindya