Rock Climbing

[tabs] [tab title=”Overview”]Climbing a rock can be really addictive. As opposed to popular perception, climbing isn’t so much about strength as it is about technique. While mastering the art requires time, it would be very easy for you to gain some small personal victories that will get you hooked.

All the stone buildings in Kumaon point to the fact that the terrain is very rocky and various grades of climbing are possible in the region. A certified instructor will ensure that you are in safe hands and have the safest equipment – and once that is there, this activity will get really addictive really quickly.

If you are already into the sport of climbing, you will find some great routes and views on the way. If you are new, you can start with rappelling and then some small routes. Most of the sending would be done of fixed ropes and you can try Jumarring to start with. Spend more days and you will get hooked to it. You will also start seeing yourself slowly progressing. There is nothing more satisfying than getting your hands pumped climbing up rock faces.

On these routes, you can climb with your walking shoes. But if you really want to climb, start using the white keds that you used to wear in school. They give you great grip and will be the perfect inexpensive way to be inducted into the sport.


It would start with a hike to the climbing site. After a basic instruction in gear and techniques, you would spend half the day trying out various routes. Refreshments would be provided on the spot. If you’re interested more in the hikes than actually climbing, check out this hike. There are many more such hikes possible which are both long and short in duration. It is a great way of exploring the Himalayas and the Almora ridge around you.[/tab] [/tabs]