All around you

[tabs] [tab title=”Overview”]After a brisk morning walk and breakfast, all you’d like to do is lie in your hammock and gaze into the distance. The Himalayas are in the distance. On a clear morning (Autumn and Winter), the kids will be occupied figuring out the peaks. You can gaze into the awesomeness that is the Kumaon, Nepal and Garhwal Himalayas.


Read a book. Visit the towns of Ranikhet and Almora. Walk down to the village and make friends there. Talk to the children at the school about your life. Try out some of the delectable local fare. Visit some organic co-operatives. If you bring your own cycle, you can cycle all around the single-laned metalled roads with beautiful vistas. If you don’t have a cycle to bring, embark on some of the most amazing hikes. Grab a drink after a long and easy day. Enjoy the good life.

Nestled in the hills of Kumaon, Nayalap is the perfect village retreat – combining the authenticity of a village with the luxury of a stay. It is perfect for a stay over a weekend or a longer stay if you just want to get away from it all. It is easy to get lost within the noisiness of nature and the days would go by without you having noticed them. The villages themselves are unique in their own way – some sleepy and some bustling with activity.

On days you cannot see the Himalayas, you can look across the valley into the town of Almora or count the quaint Kumaoni houses in the villages of Champa and Salla Rautela.[/tab]