Kumaoni Architecture
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Hello again!

It was amazing to have received the words of encouragement that we did after our last newsletter. After our big and small city lives, Shitlakhet seems to be a completely different world. We are still trying to understand this exquisite entity. Every day is a new revelation and one that asks us to throw out every presumption we may have had.

We are truly amazed by the architecture of Kumaon - of which Shitlakhet is a great showcase. Long before we started destroying the world with concrete and steel, people here were using local material. Houses were made of stone glued together with mud, cowdung, lime and the paste of black gram.


Tanuja & Anindya

A truly unique part of all this is temple architecture. The temples were built a short distance away from the village. The architecture is earthquake proof due to non-rigid joints.